In February 2015, for the first time in the 23 year history ST “Georgi Semov – Edit 5” changes its logo, presenting both new market strategies. We talk with Martin Semov, vice president of the company about the nature of these changes.

New logo, new marketing strategy … what are the purposes of these changes?

The changes that are most visible to our customers – the logo, packaging or the way we advertise our products are very successful for us last year, and as a bold and responsible step in the future.

Over the past ten years, during which the standards are changed mandatory, changed almost everything. Times, the cars we drive, our requirements and needs. Finally – and we changed our main products, and with them and change our entire product strategy. The better, of course.

Those who ignore the change and development can quickly and easily turn out to be unnecessary in a world that is changing at breakneck speed. We care about the development of our products, but also for the way we talk about them.

Once speaking of development – what are the objectives of the company for the next few years?

Even today we are the first largest rock salt company in Bulgaria by delivering market annually about 70 million tons.

Over the next five years we want to cross the magical barrier of 100 million tons per year, which will lead us out of second place in the list of the biggest suppliers of rock salt in eastern Europe after Romania. But our main goal is not that. Our main goal is to show all farmers and those who are engaged in farming that uses and benefits of the use of food additives is large and the investment in this area are repaid only by the difference in productivity. But pleasure and great joy come mostly from good health, great appetite and beautiful tone of animals. Therefore it is our new goal.

How will you accomplish this? Through new markets, new customers?

And one and the other! Although we sell our products in whole Bulgaria, we can continue to develop in every market. Therefore it is very important for us to attend to all exhibitions and fairs that are organized in our field, show, tell and explain to all the benefits and advantages of using nutritional supplements for animals.

And finally: what is most important in your industry?

One could say quality, attractive price, quick delivery, but … real answer lies in one word: the client. Customers are everything. Thanks to their requirements and opinion we are getting better, our customers are our impulse for change. And we try to listen to them.